Have you ever wondered what WORK LIFE BALANCE actually is?

This simply has to do with focusing on how to successfully combine work, family, relationships and leisure time into a satisfying life.
Identifying skills that enhances the ability to evaluate priorities in life.
Ability to use organizational skills to make sense out of conflicting demands.
Let us identify some things we all deal with on daily basis
• Executing your duties at your workplaces excellently.
• Spending quality time with your loved ones
• Caring for elderly parents
• Doing chores at home
• Taking care of children/Home work
• Commuting to/from work
• Coping with difficult bosses and colleagues
• Managing your private businesses in order to make ends meet.
• Financial demands from spouses, relations and friends.
• Sexual (conjugal) demands from spouses despite your being TIRED and EXHAUSTED!

• 2 out of every 5 employees are dissatisfied with the balance between their work and personal lives

The lack of balance is also due to:
– Long work hours
– Unending work demands
– More time in the car
– Deterioration of boundaries between work and home
– And many more…

So, How Do You Restore Balance to your Life?

 Pick a day and take 20 minutes on the way home from work to do something just for yourself.

 When you get home, before you walk in the door, think about whether you want to focus on achieving or enjoying at home that particular night. Then act accordingly.

 At work you can create your own best Work-Life Balance by making sure you not only Achieve, but also reflect the joy of the job, and the joy of life, every day.

 If nobody pats you on the back today, pat yourself on the back. And help others to do the same.

Remember, Work-Life Balance is very important because, It’s Your Life we are talking about!

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