The world is currently going through a stage defined by new ways of doing things, as far as conduct of group meetings, classroom activities, and general gatherings for one function or the other are concerned. The reality has set in, even as it is becoming more of a phenomenon that forms part of our existence, going forward.

Since late 2019, the media space have been flooded with several reports on covid-19 pandemic, whose impact is seen to have not only offset certain fundamental balances in the orbit of human relationship, but  has also influenced informed actions leading to the embrace of certain unconventional traditions that tend to challenge our physical social environment. It is indeed a new phase and appears not to be letting off its grip on human relations and survival as evidenced by attendant impact both socially and economically.

Based on historical experience in dealing with a pandemic, certain measures are usually put in place to adjust and adapt to new ways of doing things to overcome the menace of the pandemic. Indeed, the experience seems to provide the world with a response framework to deal with the situation. The sustained effort by the nations of the world and respectable bodies to produce vaccines to contain the scourge is one tangible endeavor that constitutes part of the overall effort made in returning life back to normal.

It is important to note that while these efforts are giving us the hope to carry on, we can as well attest to the fact that the pandemic has opened up new windows of opportunity on one hand and new methodologies of doing things on the other hand. One of the things that have been very evident during this period is the embrace of a new systems or cultures that are predicated on discouraging physical social engagements that warrant coming together of the people in a given space.

To say the least, institutions such as religious organisations, schools and other work places that require large number of people happen to be the most affected. Incidentally, this constitute the cradle of human existence and therefore places the burden on them to adjust as much as they can to the new realities, by adopting and implementing survival methodologies, processes and techniques to remain relevant.

At the forefront of these methodologies lies the online protocol. Thanks to the virtual technology platforms such as the Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc, that has provided the means for forums and meetings of the aforementioned bodies and others to take place even beyond common geographical boundaries.

While we cannot overemphasize the challenges, we cannot also overlook the underlying opportunities. One such opportunity is the provision of a resource base for course/lesson/other academic work materials for concerned students and other users in the internet space. As a provider of value service,  Winclassy Platform has risen up to address the challenge by providing the tools required for valuable materials to be uploaded and listed online for use by intended users. The Course* feature is one of the prime tools of Winclassy that has been primed to meet the aspiration of students/instructors and other stakeholders in the knowledge-driven areas. It, therefore, presents an uncommon opportunity for teachers and resource persons to bring their products such as lecture materials, classroom lessons, and any other form of course materials for educational purposes and upload them for onward utilization by the consumers.

The course template and its framework are robustly designed to accommodate course/lecture materials at any level. For instance, a recorded virtual class can be uploaded through the handle of the owner even with the provision for written content for elaboration. There are inbuilt modules that provide the basis for the course owner to adapt to what he/she wants. For example, he/she can decide whether the course is free or not as well as determine the duration for the choice made, depending on the objective. Also, associated with the course feature are the lessons, quizzes and questions subcomponents that enable the owner to interact with the users of the course.

For in-depth understanding of the procedures to create courses on the Winclassy, the platform admin has developed and put out a course to that effect.  It is known as How to create a Course on Winclassy, presented both in video and text forms. You can have it right on the front page as well as on your personal page handle upon login. On this note, we want to request to give it a shot by signing up onto the Winclasy Platform ( so as to join this great family of value creators and users to unleash your potential that will take you to the next level.

*  Course is defined as any knowledge based material content put out to meet the expectation of a certain group of stakeholders, by way of valuable information to be used in achieving goals. These include such contents as classroom lessons, Lecture materials, and seminar materials as well as any other educational materials. Both video and text content deliveries are provided for.

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