The realities we are facing now are such that are geared towards challenging the age-long traditions of having to congregate students/pupils in a physical space for lectures or classroom work. There is a school of thought that aligns with the belief that in the generation to come, people may likely be privileged to learn from others about the days when students used to assemble in a classroom structure for lessons because the online or digital protocol would have become the order of the day.

The likes of virtual platform technology such as the Zoom platform and others are already unveiling what the future will be like in this regard. If a survey were to be commissioned to find out what is going on people’s mine in the light of the current challenges, there is no doubt one of the questions would have been; how would the world be if the technology of this nature were not there at this time that the world system is discouraging physical social engagements?

Thanks to those noble forward thinkers, who foresaw a possible future challenge and deployed resources to prepare for them ahead. In this same line of thinking, we in Winclassy are equally thinking that school and other educational centres can be built and operated without the traditional physical buildings. One major lesson this pandemic has thought us is the reality of having to leverage on working from different locations across geographical boundaries.

While it is possible for existing schools to build and furnish a reservoir of academic materials, to be accessed by students through online protocol, individuals, teachers or instructors can also procure their own private reservoir for their respective subject contents. They have the option of running their own platform or taking advantage of other existing structured platforms managed and run by others. Guided by the syllabus for a class for a session, a teacher can design a structure for his/her course. By working through the objective, a scheme is set, and then broken into modules designed to last within a specific time frame, say 40 minutes, being the average duration for a conventional class that take place with physical attendance of the students.

The lecture per module can be done with the physical presence of students or through a virtual platform depending on the choice and availability of resource. It is up to the teacher to facilitate the virtual class option with every sense of ingenuity, defined by top class activities and feedback mechanism in order to command a high buy in. Each teacher is believed to possess the right character and energy to drive his/her course contents to meet the expectation of the users.

One thing is to have a reservoir of information, another is to utilize, galvanize and tailor such in a way to generate the most needed value to the owner and others that may be impacted by the product. This is where one of the Winclassy services can fit in. Apart from the opportunity to explore the existing robust framework of the Course tool in Winclassy, the platform has the mechanism to announce your course product to prospective consumers across geographical boundaries, therefore returning the much expected dividend and value to the users and owners of the product. Within this system, it is possible to have many wards sign onto the quality course product of the teacher. As a result of this, the conventional school structures are dispensable and therefore cannot dictate how far the owner of the course content can go.

Why waiting if you are a great teacher or any other resource person with unique content? If you truly want to live your dream life by transforming your dreams/passion into valuable venture, give it a shot, proceed and build your course modules, it’s a huge market. Winclassy is positioned to help you drive the much deserved value that is tied to your work. Take up your position and run your own school. It’s beyond the conventional kind of school that requires physical structure in a given location. With your content, yes, you can comfortably run your dream school courses and subjects from the comfort of the Winclassy Platform. Let’s do it together. And guess what! You can do this at your own pace even while you are still committed to your current employment.

Sign up today on Winclassy Platform ( and let’s embrace the value together. Our in-house affiliate marketing mechanism will help to push your course product to a broad market space for patronage.

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