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www.winclassy.com is a one stop platform for a community of diverse stakeholders to spotlight and process their contents for added value in an interactive fashion. The platform focuses on the value content derived from informed activities built around top features designed to execute tasks consistent with the potential needs of the stakeholders. It offers provision for work, product and service listings, tailored in a way to allow for corresponding opportunities to be matched together for the benefit of the users.


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About Us

The platform views every user as a value giver or taker or both, making it a fertile or ground for information gathering, analysis and management as relates to work, service and products  Users are presented with the opportunity to light up their contents by profiling themselves, spotlighting their skills, products and services by taking the advantage of the key functionalities provided for in the platform.

Central to the value inherent in the platform is the Resume feature, upon which the users’ skills and other details can be extracted and processed, the result of which is linked up with available job or service opportunity as listed in the Job directory. In addition to this, is the Course feature, which provides avenue for lectures, lessons or courses to be created, uploaded, listed and domiciled, from where any interested user can access. The platform is furnished with other key features that help to enhance the value content of the users’ profile. Further to these, are more functionality that seeks to support key Social Media activities, giving credence to the ‘one – spot’ status defined by myriads of functions and values to the users, ensuring that they are able to handle a lot of what they could possibly look for in a platform. The inert potential of the social media content cannot be over-emphasized even as it offers the opportunity to engage in various activities such as creation of groups, usually defined by common interest of the members. In this platform, users can undertake a search activity for other users or any other resource, product or service within a predefined distance from a reference point, using the geolocation feature. Users’ business interests or institutions are not left out as there are associated plugins in the platform, from where independent webpage can be created to spotlight the contents of such outfits.

The definition of what constitute the ‘Value’ in one hand and the ‘Stakeholders’ in the other hand is important. While the ‘Value’ had earlier been captured in the features such as the RESUME, JOB/SERVICE LISTING, COURSE FEATURE, SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT, PROFILE LISTING, GEOLOCATION SEARCH PROTOCOL etc, the ‘Stakeholder’ consist of a wide range of individuals and institutions such as; Professionals (eg Teachers, Instructors, Trainers, Coaches, Engineers, Doctors, Job seekers, Employment consultants, Project Management, Music Directors, Photographers etc), Students, Schools, Business Centres etc.  

Winclassy platform is, indeed, a family of knowledge seekers, givers, professionals and institutions in the area of knowledge delivery and acquisition where different modes of interactions are available.

Signing up to the Winclassy platform is likened to presenting a user with a key to access his new world where the above mentioned facilities and more are handed over to him/her to use and excel, especially now that the cloud technology has become an integral part of our life.

We are Winsome Training and Consulting Limited, a registered organization involved in Research, Training and Development of Human Resource Capacity aimed at motivating the workforce of institutions, organization and companies, positioning them for enhanced service delivery. Our services and products are also geared towards value addition to institutions (such as schools etc), organizations, resource persons and other professionals.

Our quest to continually engage in developing products of high value content to address specific needs and expectations of stakeholders such as those in the Knowledge and Skill acquisition/delivery group helps to drive the development of the Winclassy Platform known as www.winclassy.com. 

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